Monday, July 30, 2012

What it Takes to Be a Success

First, what does "success" mean to you? My definition of the word is, "Accomplishing what you really want to do." So I have been a success in many ways, though I've never gone quite as far as I would have liked. I wanted to play the guitar and sing well. I wanted to be one of the best with guns, bow, lariat, canoe, horse-back riding, tracking game, writing poetry and prose, writing a fresh book on philosophy and several other things. Some of these I did quite well; others I intend to do yet....

How does one achieve success? My belief on this is: "USE YOUR POTENTIAL TO THE FULLEST EXTENT" When I look at the multitude of failures (most of the human race), I see that they loafed; they might have graduated from high school or college, then got a job which they could understand and hold down to the boss' satisfaction, then stopped trying to become better; to advance in knowledge and skills; they were satisfied to come home after work, drink their two or three martinis or beers, and sink into an easy chair to watch TV till bedtime. Then they take a sleeping potion, to counteract the lack of physical exercise. In the morning, coffee, tea or pep pills get them awake again, and they go through the same routine as they did the say before. The only chance for them to make much real future progress is to get fired or laid off.

So there isn't much competition. Psychologists generally agree that most of us use about 10% of our potential. And research and experiments have indicated that, like the muscles of our body, the more we use our brain, the thicker the cortex (Gray-matter covering of our brains) becomes. So the more you think, the easier it becomes. It's like any other work (or effort); the more you do it, the more you are apt to become accustomed to it, and even get to where you like it. I get restless, bored, and irritated, when there are no challenges in my life, so if one challenge doesn't fall into place in the natural course of events, I go looking for something I'm interested in, and try to become more adept to it.

And "success" doesn't necessarily mean I got first place in some competition; I compete with myself mostly. I like to conquer my fears and laziness and bad habits. I like to get closer to God. It's exhilarating to reach for extra intelligences or courage, or physical strength, and find it. 


  1. Hi, success is difficult to define. People interpret it in different ways; what I feel is if what we do daily makes us happy and satisfied then you are successful. We all strive to become happy and satisfied in life, so we do things differently and the ultimate aim of all these is happiness. Unfortunately how many of us achieve true happiness inspite of tons of wealth and priceless material things we do not know; people fail to balance everything in life !
    Good post, thought provoking indeed !
    Good, keep on blogging!

  2. I know this is an old post Marqueta, but I had to let you know that it has spoken to and inspired me today. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Lesley x