Monday, July 30, 2012

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. . .Partial Article

(Ed. note: some paragraphs of this nice little article are missing, but the words that are left are worth savoring.)

. . .Memories of hillsides covered with yellow glacier lilies. Helvella mushrooms growing by the peck near old logging areas, and chucks sunning themselves on a warm rock, come flooding into the observers mind.

When he spies the tiny songster which gives such a pleasing vocal performance, and watches until the kinglet turns in the right direction so the sun shines on the bright flash patch on the crown of his head, the watcher marvels anew at the brilliance of the "ruby."

For the outdoorsman, spring is officially here. This pleasing little busy-body adds much to a walk in the woods. The stream fisherman who has time to notice such woods dwellers, the fisherman whose one and only reason for being on a mountain stream is to be able to brag, "Oh, sure, I got my limit," is a poorer man than he needs to be.

Until an observer becomes acquainted with the ruby-crown, he may find it hard to identify, since it is only at a certain angle that the flash patch shows plainly. The best recognition marks are the small size and short tail, and the conspicuous whitish eye ring. He also has a chattering call note very much like the scolding of a house wren. . .

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  1. I wish the rest of the article were there!:) It's wonderful--I wish Grandpa had done ones on every bird! :D

    I love you, mami!