Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Religious Drag"

When in the houses of the Lord
Are you ever passing bored?
As you flounder through the talks
Does your mind take frequent walks?
You focus on the medium
And find him fraught with tedium.
With wide yawns does your mouth gape?
Do you long for some escape?
You shift and squirm as boredom creeps
Seek the best pose for a sleep.
Then ragged snores from your throat creaking
Make background music for the speaking.
Well, take a piece of sound advice
Every talk can't be concise.
One does not just seek great thrills,
And we must take some bitter pills.
There's no simple useful learning;
Mental wheels take some turning.
Exercise some tolerance;
Hear them out at every chance.
All have a word and want to share it;
Do your part and grin and bear it.

Daddy and me in 1978 (or thereabouts)

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