Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Letter to Rose (Dad's Sister)

10 Feb, 1977

Hi, Rose,

Glad you enjoyed your Denver trip. I've been thinking of sending you bus fare to come out here, sometime next summer.

We sure would like to get some of that excess snow the East and Midwest is having such a rough time with. If we don't have a heavy snow pack in the mountains, it tends to make the summer water supply short.

We had a pretty good Christmas; the kids always enjoy it. How are Doug and Karen doing? Are you drawing unemployment pay? You should be able to get that, anyway, even if your boss wasn't paying into it.

We're always busy enough, trying to get the house fixed up, keep cars running, etc. We want to build on a utility room and greenhouse, and maybe a garage this year.

Cherie is working at French's now (they process potatoes in various ways). Marqueta stays busy, and makes a mess occasionally, or breaks something. She has lots of energy and an active mind. Jamie's becoming a very good artist. Kirby and Marq are good workers, Kandy does all right, too. She's 15 now, and has changed a lot. And Jody's still my little buddy, a nice loving kid.

Bye, with love,

Lou and Cherie, etc.


  1. Marqueta do you still make messes occasionally? Enjoyed the letter ~Blessings Heather :D

  2. Of course I still make messes! More than occasionally! Not much has changed since I was two, I guess.