Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Letter to Rose

(This is a short letter that Dad wrote to his sister, Rose. It shows how much his love of nature permeated every aspect of his life.)

28 May, 1978

Hi, Sweet Sister,

Should have tried to get this letter and gift off before now, so you would be sure you're not forgotten on your birthday. Sounds like you're really working at dress-making.

Best wishes for happiness on your trip to Ottumwa. How's the bus service there?

It's interesting to read of those childhood memories. You know, I've come to believe fully in a life after this one; sort of looking forward to it. One more chance to begin over, and learn and progress more. It seems to me that you and Lucile and I have tried hard enough, this THIS life, that we deserve a reward, next time around.

The backpacking trip was very interesting; sure had a lot of rain there. lots of sandstone, and lots of caves to sleep in, in storms. Had to wade creeks a lot to get anywhere, so I finally went barefoot, for three or four days. mostly sandy surface, no broken glass or sand burs. Saw only ONE rattlesnake, in the whole area; diamondback, I guess; was only a foot long, with just a button.

Had lots of different plants there; we made lots of tea, from wild plants. Snowed some on our way out; cold feet for a while, but I got used to it.

Have to close, leave for Challis.
Much love,


(My mother has told me that Dad used to go out and get wood for the fire in his bare feet, in the snow. He said it made his immune system strong. I tried going out once barefoot in snow, and lasted two seconds!)


  1. Dear Mama,
    I Like The Post!
    I Love You And I Like You!!

  2. Dear Mami,

    was grandpa ever bitten by A rattlesnake?
    I see the sun shining (kinda sorda), do you think that it will be sunny today? I hope so!

    I love YOU,

    Love, annamarie