Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Letter to Sister Rose

Dec. 28

Hi, Rose,

Thanks for the radio, and the toys for the kids. They should have enough now, so we won't have to buy them any more till they're teenagers.

It was fun to hear your voice-as Cherie said, if you want to get away from there, we should be able to send you the money. I'm sure the weather wouldn't be any worse here than there, and most likely better.

Our winter camp was fun, and educational. Wasn't very cold, but I guess that's all right for this time. We saw lots of deer, and some snowshoes (rabbits).

I have to go to school and see if I have any important papers or letters. I don't know if I'll get to go duck and goose hunting, as I wanted to, but maybe I'll survive until an elk-hunting or fishing expedition comes up.

We've been doing some wiring, shelf-building, and painting. We need an electric dryer in this country, and we needed some more receptacles, too.

So long for now,